mission Artivism

ARTIVISM SCOTLAND LTD is a not-for-profit (but for change!) community design and campaign agency offering skills, ideas, expertise, tools and resources to under-resourced community campaigns on a pay-what-you-can/pay-it-forward basis.

ARTIVISM uses service design thinking, non-violent direct action history, creative campaiging skills to ampify community activism and making socially constructive mischief.

Please note: ARTIVISM will never provide services to party-political campaigns nor party-affiliated organisations.

What’s Artivism?

Artivism Scotland started out as almost a decade of thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if…?”

Wouldn’t it be great if communities had the same powerful creative resources as those who work against community interests?

Wouldn’t it be great if creatives specialising in making change were paid fairly to work on behalf of all of us?

Wouldn’t it be great if – instead of calcifying in committee structures and convention – grassroots campaigning was powered by mutual support, shared ambition and actual integrity?

Wouldn’t it be great…
to actually try?

Artivism Scotland Ltd is a community design and campaign agency founded in the first week of January 2023 by a female, neurodivergent, immigrant, jack-of-all-trades designer and powered by the support of her (and all of our) community.

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